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What brand of excavator is good?

Which brand is good for excavator brand list of ten big excavators (2017)?
1.Komatsu KOMATSU
In 1921, Japan, the world’s largest construction machinery and mining machinery manufacturing enterprises, with a full range of categories and high-quality services world-renowned, Komatsu (China) Investment Co., Ltd.
Caterpillar 2.caterpillar
Started in 1925, the United States, the world’s largest manufacturer of earthmoving machinery / construction machinery and mining equipment, multinational corporation, Caterpillar (China) Investment Co., Ltd.
3. Sany SANY
The world’s equipment manufacturing industry leader, engineering machinery manufacturers enjoy high reputation, 2012 acquisition Putzmeister concrete machinery manufacturer, Sany group
4.Doosan Doosan
Founded in 1896, the Korean owned enterprises engaged in excavator / forklift production, marketing and loader / engine sales, Doosan construction machinery (China) Co., Ltd.
Hitachi 5.Hitachi
In 1910 Japan, the world’s top 500, on behalf of the world famous Japanese industrial brand, Japanese motor large manufacturers, Hitachi (Chinese) Co. Ltd.
Kobelco 6.KOBELCO machine
From Japan, excavators ten brands, mainly engaged in wheel loader / roller / grader and hydraulic excavator business / sales and service, Chengdu Kobelco construction machinery (Group) Co., Ltd.
7.VOLVO Volvo
The world’s leading construction equipment manufacturer, Volvo group, with advanced technology advantages throughout the global market, providing architectural services and solutions, Volvo construction equipment (China) Co., Ltd.
8. Revo LOVOL
Founded in 1998, the engineering machinery / agricultural equipment / vehicle / core components as the main body of the large industrial equipment manufacturing enterprises, Lovol Limited by Share Ltd
9. Liugong LiuGong
Began in 1958, the domestic construction machinery industry well-known brands to loaders / excavators series of construction machinery known, listed companies, Guangxi Liugong machinery, Limited by Share Ltd
10. Xugong XCMG
Began in 1989, the ten major brands of construction machinery, specializing in the manufacture of cranes / shovel handling machinery / mining machinery / concrete machinery / building maintenance machinery enterprises, Xuzhou Construction Machellonery Group Inc

Excavator brand consumer guide

Excavating machinery is a kind of earthmoving machine that uses bucket to excavate material above or below the surface of the machine and is loaded into the transport vehicle or unloaded to the stacker. Excavator power, high efficiency, can complete the manpower can not complete the project, improve work efficiency. General engineering teams, construction, emergency departments, and even private (digging, breeding, late roads, reclamation) require excavators. Well, what brand of excavator is good? Which brand of excavator is good? Which areas of the excavator brand are the most distributed? Where is the excavator better? What are the brands of excavators such as big brand, famous brand, provincial brand and so on? In order to give the consumers excavator market to provide real and accurate information industry brand, the following is CNPP to provide data to support the ten major brands, excavator website for your statistics and relevant brand recommendation, for your reference.

How about children’s Excavator rides?

Recently, the children’s Excavator suddenly became popular, and learning excavator is becoming a new type of entertainment project, which has been sought after by children and parents. In Beijing Chaoyang Park and several Show Park, several excavators have become more and more popular recently. At the same time, small excavator toys have also been sold online recently. Netizens can not help but sigh, parents are really ahead of consciousness: “learning excavator technology, from the baby grabbed.”!”. What are the benefits of child excavators for children?
How about children’s Excavator rides?
Psychological experts show that children more contact with recreational equipment, not only can achieve the purpose of physical exercise, but also can develop children’s intelligence. As an experiential amusement equipment, children’s excavators are amusement facilities for adults and children. They are suitable for the whole family to participate in and can train children’s ability of starting and thinking. Electric equipment for the whole hydraulic excavator, imitation has all functions of recreation, excavator, rotary, telescopic arm of excavator hydraulic excavator, and the same operation, suitable for the whole family amusement, can let you and your children to experience a new feeling and not the same as other amusement equipment.

Operation method of excavator

1, operation technology
First, make sure the situation is around. The rotation, the obstacles around the terrain, to be aware of safety operation; operation, to confirm the fore-and-aft direction of the track, to avoid tipping or impact; try not to face the final drive mining direction, otherwise easy to damage the walking motor or hose; during the operation, to ensure the right track and ground contact, improve the dynamic stability of the complete machine.
2, effective mining methods
When the bucket cylinder and the connecting rod, between the cylinder and the bucket rod bucket rod are 90 degrees, the maximum digging force; bucket teeth and ground at a 30 degree angle, the best cutting soil digging force minimum resistance; with stick mining, should ensure that the bucket rod angle in the range from behind the front angle of 45 to 30 between. At the same time, the use of boom and bucket can improve the efficiency of excavation.
3. Dig rocks
Use the bucket digging rock will cause great damage to the machine, should be avoided; we must dig, should adjust the direction of the rock body according to the crack position, the bucket can smoothly shovel digging; the bucket tooth, insert a crack in the rock, with a stick and bucket digging force mining (slip should be mindful of the bucket teeth); is not the rocks, should be broken and then use the bucket digging.
4. Slope leveling operation
Plane trimming machine should be placed flat on the ground, to prevent the body shake, to grasp the action of the arm and bucket coordination, control the speed of the two sides, the plane is very important for trimming.
5. Loading operation
The body should be at the level of a stable position, otherwise it is difficult to accurately control the rotary unloading, thereby prolonging the cycle time of operation; and the truck body to maintain proper distance, prevent doing a 180 degree turn when the body and the tail of the truck collided; as far as possible the left rotary mount, this vision, high work efficiency, and to correctly grasp the rotation angle in order to reduce the time for rotary truck position; rimbey excavator is low, in order to shorten the boom lifting time, and a good line of sight; first with sand, gravel, and then placed a stone, it can reduce the impact of the carriage.

Excavator performance

Operating weight: operating weight is one of the three important parameters of excavator (engine power, bucket capacity, operation weight), the operation weight determines the level of excavator, and determines the upper limit of excavator digging force.
Digging ability: for digging force, the digging force is mainly divided into small arm digging force and bucket digging force. The digging points of the two digging forces are the root of the bucket (bucket side of the mouth), but the power is different. The small arm digging force comes from the small arm cylinder, and the bucket digging force comes from the bucket cylinder.
Ground to ground pressure: the size of ground to ground pressure determines the ground conditions for which the excavator is suitable for work. Ground pressure refers to the pressure generated by the machine weight on the ground, represented by the following formula: ground pressure = weight / total contact area with the ground
Track shape: it is important to fit a suitable crawler plate into the machine. For crawler excavators, the standard for choosing tracks is to use the narrowest tracks whenever possible. Commonly used track types: toothed crawler plate, flat track
Speed pull: for crawler excavators, walking time is approximately 1/10 of the total working time. Generally speaking, the two speed can satisfy the walking performance of the excavator. Tractive force refers to the force produced by the excavator when walking. It depends mainly on the motor of the excavator. The two walking performance parameters show the flexibility of the excavator walking and its walking ability. It can be shown in the samples of each manufacturer.
Climbing ability: climbing ability means the ability of climbing, downhill, or stopping on a firm and smooth slope. Two representations: angle, percentage.
Lifting capacity: lifting capacity refers to the rated stability, lifting capacity or rated hydraulic lifting capacity of the smaller one. Rated stability lifting capacity: 75% of tilting load, rated hydraulic lifting capacity: 87% hydraulic lifting capacity
Rotary speed: the speed of gyration is the average maximum speed that can be reached when the excavator is idling. This means that the speed of rotation is defined not only when starting, but not at the speed of braking. That is, the speed of rotation is not the speed of acceleration or deceleration. For general excavation work, the excavator works in the range of 0 to 180 degrees, the rotating motor has acceleration or deceleration, and when it reaches 270 degrees to 360 degrees, the speed of rotation is stable.
Therefore, in actual excavation, the speed of rotation as defined above is unrealistic. That is, the actual rotary performance required is the acceleration / deceleration indicated by available rotational torque.
Power: horsepower (gross) means the total output power measured on the engine flywheel without the power consumption of accessories such as mufflers, fans, alternators, and air filters.
Effective power (net horsepower) is the net output power measured on the flywheel of an engine when all power consumption accessories such as mufflers, fans, alternators and air filters are installed.
Noise measurement: the main source of excavator noise is the engine. Two types of noise: noise in the operator’s ear, and noise around the machine

What are the types of excavators?

Excavator type
1. mini excavator: refers to the total weight of less than 6 tons, containing 6 tons of excavators, he is small, easy to operate in small areas, but also to ensure efficient and safe operation, which is particularly suitable for small areas
2. medium-sized excavators: refers to the total weight of more than 6 tons, less than 40 tons with 40 tons of excavators, that is, the most common types of excavators on the street
3. large excavator: refers to the total weight of more than 40 tons belong to large excavators, generally difficult to see him unless in the transport process, the user is almost as large mining stope, huge models, large capacity operation. The powerful engine and pressure pump drive the huge hydraulic technology, the high strength lower body and the forearm to meet the requirements of the operation in the mining industry
4. backhoe excavator: he also belongs to a large excavator is, also with a strong engine and huge hydraulic pressure pump technology, and the bucket with tap at a faster pace in the field, increase work efficiency. The backhoe is characterized by retreating, forcing, and cutting.
5.: a wheeled excavator belonging to medium-sized excavator, only the lower half of the track into a similar general tire, so that he can have a faster speed than the general medium-sized excavator, stronger maneuverability, can increase the speed of mining, increase work efficiency, disadvantage is that he is not like the general use of the track medium-sized excavator as easily exercise in various situation of poor soft pavement
6. dredging ship is also attached to large excavators, but he will be installed to the hull body, can freely in the water, either at mining, for the removal of the rivers and lakes reservoir silt, powerful digging force, smooth operation, fast performance, the dredging ship capable of any large water
7., grab shovel: particularly suitable for digging narrow and deep foundation pit, dredging old channels, as well as digging water, mud and so on.

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